5 Decoration Ideas For Wedding Mandap To Look Joyful

5 Décor Ideas For WeddingMandaps To Look Blissful

like perfect lehengas And Sherwani Which can make you look photogenic and perfect, beautiful and designer mandap or fancy mandap decoration can add an icing on the cake to your wedding celebration. Why not? After all, the mandap is where the wedding ends with a phere or a phere around the pyre? That’s why the mandap should also be decorated like a bride.

Here are some great ideas that can make your mandap look beautiful!

1. Light and floral for a fairy-tale look

Mandap is a central element of wedding decorations in Indian weddings. bride, Groom And the officiating priest sits here. So give the place a mix of traditional and modern style with beautiful flowers and lights. You might even drench the entire pavilion with red roses for that dreamy and heavenly feel. Simple or elaborate – the choice is yours to make the mandap auspicious and attractive. A wall of flowers, pillars with decorated T-lights, and aesthetically pleasing toran for the mandap will create a romantic aura for the bride and groom. And we already know the importance of lights and flowers in a wedding.

2. dome shaped pavilion

You can experiment with different shapes for your mandap. Big Bat is a dome shaped mandap very popular in various venues of Delhi and Mumbai weddings. The dome-ceiling decorated with exotic flowers, chandeliers, strings of rhinestones or stones and exotic lighting effects can make the mandap design traditional yet rich and luxurious. Varieties of ferns and flowers can provide you with a refreshing platform or terrace in the shape of a dome.

3. Go Quirky & Cool

Kites, bangles, pinwheels, swings and inverted umbrellas can give a touch of mela theme to your mandap. Guests, priests and couples can smile for innovation and creativity in flashy and cool themes. You can of course add the flavor of flowers and diyas, to match the aesthetic sensibilities at the same time.

4. Let peace prevail with humble curtains

Mandap is the place whose sacred fire is the witness of the holy marriage. So, the auspicious place in the form of a mandap which signifies the beginning of a new life should look as blissful as it can be. You can create a dreamy and ethereal set up with a pool or beach if it’s a destination wedding with pretty pink, pale yellow or mint green drape canopies. One can be innovative with a beautiful ceiling, decorated pillars, fairy lights, flower chandeliers and much more. Cool drapes may have folded flowers or leaves. There can also be suspended curtains for unique adornments.

5. The Indian Way – All Rustic

Let the pavilion be earthy, rustic as well as regal with trending or. If it is a palace or fort wedding, one can opt for colorful flowers, old temple bells, pottery, lanterns, Rajasthani chhatris and mats to make it natural and effortlessly desi. Marigold flower umbrella or hanging is a must for that royalty, elegance and grandeur.

You can sync your mandap design with the kind of wedding you have planned. If it is a beach side wedding, couples can opt for a lush theme for the real affair. If it is an indoor banquet wedding, the mandap can be larger than life with drapes or flower-chandelier details. Overall, the pavilion design is something to be remembered for.

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