Cocktail Party Dresses for Millennial Brides-to-Bes and Bridesmaids

A touch of ruffle is ruling the runways and weddings this season. Fashion influencer Karishma Sheikh is making way for a stunning midnight blue lehenga with ruffles scarf Karishma’s bright blue extravagant outfit from Kalki Fashions is not only evoking her traditional look but is also adding immense dimension and style to her overall fashion sense.

Let’s decode this wedding lehenga to see how it fits and fits your body like your skin. Get ready for your cocktails and wedding ceremonies!

1. Midnight Blue Lehenga – Mesmerizing and Magical

Karisma has updated and improved the normally laid back lehenga In a beautiful, sequined and ruffled avatar. The sassy version of the normal lehenga is being liked as it makes Karishma a style goddess in every way. The ethnic and trendy number is just picture-perfect, paired with a stunning crop top in striped sequins and velvet.

2. Sequins in Sequence – The Stripe-Effect

The striped sequin arrangement on the skirt is making this fashion every bit peppy, oomphy and refreshing. Shiny sequins are a great addition to this traditional lehenga choli, The vibrant color of the dress has been enhanced to a great extent with the jazzy and glittering sequin work.

3. Velvet crop top – a hint of glamour

The lehenga is definitely for the trendsetter as it has a beautiful velvet crop top With side cut-out and side-zip closure. The hand embroidered top is sure to be confusing for its traditional charm as well as western vibes. On one hand it is highlighted with pearls and cut-pile work which reflects the cultural charm and on the other hand the deep V-neckline and side cut-outs convey modernity and glamour.

4. Ruffle Organza Dupatta – Twirl and Twist

Wondering how much ruffle is too much for your party dress? You seriously need to take some fashion lessons from Karishma’s Kalki outfit. Well, the ruffles are truly magical, and Karishma Shaikh loves and enjoys this eye-catching charm. She is adding much needed drama and style quotient to her sequined lehenga with ruffle organza dupatta. The dupatta makes the outfit look glamorous in every way and convinces to upgrade her fashion game.

5. Can-Can lehenga- for that princess avatar

Anyway, lehenga is a great treat for the eyes. But the fairytale and dreamy effect of the can-skirt is taking the dress’s style statement to a higher level. Engagement, Cocktails or a concert night; This flared and graceful lehenga can take any girl’s world by storm.

6. flawless and natural makeup

Ladies, we all know how important your facial makeup and accessories are to complete the wedding look. So, with minimal makeup being all the rage in the beauty world, Karisma wanted to follow exactly that. She went for makeup without hesitation and is looking like herself in her natural makeup. Aren’t we loving this simplistic make up instead of all that OTT glam?

7. shop watch

If you want to master this party of Karisma, check out our guide here as shopping links in a midnight blue lehenga. You can easily grab and nail this ethnic and sizzling look

So, now you don’t have to think about what exactly is behind achieving this cocktail party look because we have decoded it all. Girls can pamper themselves with a stunning collection of ethnic and fusion wears at Kalki. The fashion boutique boasts and aims to have suitable wear for all occasions.

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