Glam Wedding Fest – Pre Christmas Bash at Kalki Fashion Store

It is that time of the year again! The scent of the holidays is already in the air and keeping in the festive spirit, Kalki Fashion has unofficially kicked off Christmas with the start of its glam wedding fest. A grand celebration is celebrated in this festival which runs from 9th to 25th December. glamorous wedding outfit Especially suitable for occasions like receptions, cocktail And music,

A potential customer or otherwise, you can attend this pre-Christmas bash by directly visiting their flagship stores in Delhi and Mumbai and check out their amazing collection.

Apart from the mistletoe and Christmas tree, what more adds to the joyous mood of the festivities are the surprise events organized just for you. There’s a Secret Santa that lets you pick chits from a glass bowl and claim the presents just like that, how cool is that? Then there is the beautiful Wishing Tree for you which you can write from Kalki Fashion (any outfit you have in mind but not found in the store) and hand it over to the tree. on 14 December Delhi Store Saw some great live music.

Kalki Glam Wedding Fest is an exciting opportunity to try your hands on some of the most glamorous wedding weaves you will come across this festive season and feast your eyes on. If you have ethnic in mind, you can check them out dutch party wedding Skirts for a spin on your traditional cocktail attire.

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Beautiful combination of tassels and ruffles and capes presents these lehengas A royal look while keeping the glam-game on top. There’s also the signature spiffy penny pre pleated saree It simply redefines grace. Woven in satin Milano fabric, held together at the waist with an embroidered belt, this outfit glides effortlessly around your figure, giving it an exquisite appeal. Kalki Glam Wedding Fest focuses on the fusion of traditional and modern, Indo and Western to create dream-like attires for sangeet, cocktail and reception parties.

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The festival also features some of the country’s biggest beauty influences, and you might just get a chance to meet them! From Ginni Kapoor to Devika; From Sheena to Diksha Mishra, the presence of these amazing people at the festival has multiplied the glitz.

so what are you waiting for? visit on Kalki Fashion Flagship Stores in Delhi And Mumbai Glitz and glamor ahead of 25th December. Even if you don’t intend to buy anything, you can always come here to uplift your mood with some Christmas glee and fun at Glam Fest. And in case you’re wondering, yes, there will be food and drink. So, see you at the party and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful year in advance.

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