Red has always been the color of passion and love. If you decide to wear a red lehenga for your wedding, what stops you? The over importance of red color is a myth and our Kalki bride, Srishti proves it in all respects. After a tiring day of running from one store to another in search of her perfect dress, Srishti finds her dreamboat at the Kalki outlet.


She further adds that eventually, Kalki was successful in giving her a lehenga, in which every detail was done with meticulous craftsmanship. “Finally Kalki was the one where I got the lehenga and I was overjoyed to wear Kalki’s customized lehenga on my big day” we found out when we inquired about Kalki’s journey.


Srishti wore a red colored lehenga which caught his eye and she really looked like a symbol of chivalry and grace. What makes this lehenga so special? The intricacy of thread work and the sequins with cleverly cut embroidery and bugle beads are perfectly captured using rich skill.

She accessorised with glittering gold and emerald jewelry that makes her look like a queen. Her radiant smile is so infectious and this red lehenga displayed her perfect mood.


If you’re not getting married soon, trust us, this lehenga is so beautiful that you’ll want to be a bridesmaid right away! “Kalki was never on my checklist but now it is on my top list. Thank you so much for making me look beautiful and made my day even more special” were her words of gratitude after her Kalki Yatra, which turned out to be extraordinary!

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