Sushant Divgikar’s stunning casual and festive look in a ruffle kalki saree

a Saree Is a timeless womens wear that deserves and finds a place in the wardrobe of all women. But Sushant Divgikar, one of the most prominent personalities and a model-actor who belongs to a trans community, is making us proud by donning an alluring yellow saree. Being an actor, model, singer and now a fashionista; He donates many hats. wearing a beautiful ruffle saree From Kalki, he is giving all the stylish ladies a run for their money.

Today, she is an essential part of the fashion segment as well. Having said that, let’s see how she is making a unique style statement in a trendy and alluring ruffle saree.

1. headline saree

She has won our hearts on screen with her talent and courage and this time it is her turn to take the fashion forward. That lemon yellow, hand in hand saree is taking the game to another level-embroidered saree, The frilly saree paired with a heavily embroidered raw silk bodice in crepe looks alluring and charismatic. Those who are experimenting and paying enough attention to blouse designs and additional embellishments can notice this sari-blouse Combination. Incorporating eye-catching elements such as silk, floral motifs, cut-cuts and beautiful ruffles on the sides; This saree will surely leave you spoiled for choice.

2. highlighting game

Take a look on the internet and you will find endless blouse and saree designs. But this saree with zardozi stripes on the border is something that you will be surprised to see. A matching royal blouse and an embroidered belt to the waist is the perfect inspiration from Sushant to make your saree look stylish.

3. Add the Perfect Accessories

The earrings, sleek golden bangles and the beautiful bindi on the forehead is adding extra oomph to Sushant’s sensuality. Sushant’s jewelry and makeup are perfect to go with a trendy saree. Her saree draping would really be incomplete without her perfect jewel choices and minimal makeup stance. Salute to Sushant for showing the perfect fashionable and feminine look in Saree and Perfect Belongings, He knows the appropriate things to play with the Indian saree.

4. shop watch

We are loving this Kalki saree for its unique colour, blouse combination, ruffle style and more. The saree looks ideal for cocktail part, haldi or post wedding functions. If you want to grab everyone’s attention at the event then you must not miss out on this glam and sultry number. Get it instantly from Kalki through the link given below.

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