As a working woman, it is understandable if you want to relax on your weekends and vacation days and relax around your house in your comfy clothes. Most of the time, the last thing you want to do is run out and head to the mall on a shopping spree, even if you really need to restock your wardrobe! The best way to solve this dilemma is obvious – shop online!
With everything available at your fingertips, thanks to the Internet, there’s no need to step out of your personal bubble or interact with people. While I understand it can be difficult to buy clothes like salwar kameez, but Kalki is here for fashion. We keep you updated with all the ongoing fashion trends. Recently the classic ethnic salwar kameez collection is back. To accomplish this, we have launched a plethora of salwar kameez collections for every shape and size, perfect for all occasions and available in all the colors you love! So, grab your laptop and kick back as we bring you the latest trends that should be in every fashionista’s wardrobe of her name:
Salwar Kameez Jacket Trio
So, this is a trendy twist on the new version of a salwar kameez that comes with a jacket of its own! Kalki Fashion has literally done a PhD on this design which includes a trendy peplum ‘kameez’ with an equally trendy ‘dhoti-salwar’ and the jacket only adds to its beauty! Check out this ice blue set that will literally blow your mind!

Classic Anarkali
If there is one truth in the world, it is this – Anarkali Style Salwar Kameez is an eternal classic that will never go out of fashion! Every woman should have at least three sets of this magical take on salwar kameez! Check out this rani pink set on Kalki Fashions for your casual outing that will make you really look like the queen you are!
A shirt-dhoti set that is a must-have for your wardrobe!
Another trendy yet must set is this salwar dhoti combo which is surely the best thing to have for the classic idea of ​​salwar kameez! If you haven’t tried this style before, now is definitely the time to experiment and put yourself out there! Luckily, Kalki Fashion has your waist covered with their amazing selection of Kameez – Dhoti! Check out this citrus green set that is great for all seasons and occasions here!
gown salwar kameez
The gown version of the salwar kameez is the latest thing in vogue which you should definitely wear. Not only a beautiful piece of clothing, but the Indian ethnicity really adds a touch of grace to this western wear! Check out this orange-golden gown by Kalki Fashion here!