Bride and groom: types of unsung heroes in marriage

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen: Types Of Unsung Heroes At Wedding

just like you wedding sherwani And lehengasThe bride and groom also come in different shapes and sizes. Well, by shape and size we mean there are different types of personalities that you can broadly see indian weddings,

From a very strict fashionista babe to a cool shaven one; Having a mix of characters in Indian weddings can be quite an interesting experience. If you’re wondering what type they are, here we go!

1. angel am my

From the moment your wedding is on the cards, till the farewell, she not only takes the responsibility of execution but also handles her diva look. She not only performs her duties flawlessly but is ready to impress as well as grab everyone’s attention. With her super-feminine, ultra-mod and angelic outfit choices, she leaves bachelors in a heartbeat at functions. She creates a cohesive fashion story and shares the spotlight with the bride.

2. ‘Miss Misfits’

Someone who will not let all the light shine on the bride. they are big size The bridesmaid who slays her ‘misfit’ tag with her super-sweet persona in her alluring outfits. They set out to redefine the way ‘attraction’ and ‘beauty’ are measured. They are simply unstoppable with their fashion spree on stage Mehndi Or helping the bride walk down the aisle. Even with a huge man, they will indulge in all the hang-ups and impress everyone with their OTT. sarees either Gown,

3. ate as usual

This chick is very much different in appearance. She must have a fashion piece or label that isn’t owned by seriously any of her friends. She might be the one who keeps the photographers occupied. Whether it’s a pop of color, a unique design, or a Indo-Western Kick, she can go to any lengths to stand out. Even if it means skipping the usual saree patterns and going for ready-to-wear styles. The cape and belt will be some additional elements to his transformed avatar.

4. men in jackets

We a. know the role of groomsmen is fashionable and functional as a bridegroom, There are few right-handed men for marriage who will do anything to appear a ‘jacket genius’. Her outfit is quite formulaic and conforms to the general code of marriage. They certainly celebrate the colorfulness of their sister’s or friend’s wedding. traditional nehru jacket Or captive.

5. to be simple

With the rising trend these shaved ones don’t mind as a simple kurta is all that is needed to rock them. When someone in the family or friend circle is getting married it is a solemn duty for them. They may be unaware of what’s on the fashion scene and will settle for a regular kurta pajama set, They won’t go overboard and would rather get drunk, go wild, or gossip in the groom’s room.

The bride and groom together are half the pride, fun and glamor of any big fat Indian wedding. As soon as they receive full respect, they make sure to dress up in the best of outfits. Prospective brides, grooms, grooms, and grooms can choose the best ethnic, party and wedding wear from Kalki’s wide assortment.

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