How to store bridal lehenga properly

Once you are married, you may feel at a loss with your excessive enthusiasm. bridal lehenga, Given that this is possibly one of the most daring high-end purchases of your bridal life, you should pay special attention to its storage. In most cases, bridal lehengas are specially designed and custom made which are delicate items that require extra care. Hiding them under piles of clothes in your wardrobe is a big no-no. Remember, it took you months to finalize your wedding dress and for years to come, it will remind you of the beautiful moments you shared with your loved ones on the D-Day.

read the label

It is very important that you pay close attention to the label attached to your bridal lehenga before starting the process of preserving it. If you bought it from a store, it will come with a set of instructions for washing and drying the material, follow that. Or, if you have your outfit tailored at a tailor, make sure you ask the manufacturer for details about the quality and texture of the fabric so that the cleaning mode can be planned. It is best to seek out a professional dry cleaner who specializes in preserving bridal outfits.

Don’t hang, fold.

Bridal lehenga is easily vulnerable to getting deformed due to its heavy weight. Thus, if you keep them in hanging position for a long time, its shape will become flat and loose. It is beneficial for your bridal lehenga to keep it lightly folded on a flat surface.

use muslin cloth

Always dry your bridal lehenga in a soft, clean muslin cloth before putting it away. The fabric will act as a shield for the delicate embroidery on your precious dress, protecting it from moisture and sagging unnecessarily.

invest in a box

One big mistake people often make is putting clothes in boxes that are too small. Your bridal lehenga is a heavy fabric and will certainly be embroidered with sequins and other embellishments that may fall apart if tightly squeezed into a small box. Hence, it is advisable to invest in a good, spacious box with soft rounded edges and acid-free lining.

Create an Antimicrobial Storage Space

Since it’s unlikely that you’ll be wearing your bridal lehenga anytime soon, it’s possible for bugs to settle in the folds. To avoid such problem use lavender sachets mixed with dry leaves of neem with cloves in muslin bag in storage. You can also use moth balls. It will also prevent fungal attacks and odor build-up in the cupboards.

let it breathe

Once every six months, take out your bridal lehenga and let it air in the sunlight. It will refresh it by taking away the moisture completely. On this note, it is also advised that you store your bridal lehenga in a cool, dry place that is simultaneously open and well ventilated.

Once you follow these simple steps in keeping your bridal lehenga safe, it will be ready to wow the world forever more. Upgrade your style statement this wedding season Kalki Fashion by checking them latest collection traditional wedding dress lehengas,

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