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Posing is something that, when done correctly, can seem incredibly simple. While we are all for on-the-spot, candid moments, it is always best to have some idea of ​​the kind of pictures you want your photographer to click. Weddings are special in these occasions and hence they are life-changing pre-wedding and post-wedding moments. Every moment of your wedding deserves to be captured and preserved brilliantly. For that, you will need to know some exemplary photoshoot poses for yourself and your family.

Let’s take some photography ideas from beauty influencer Debashree Banerjee as she poses in a playful and fun way in her amazing lehenga.

To make your photo snapping easier, here are some photo poses with enough charm and elegance hoping to steal the limelight. Step up your game by striking the perfect photoshoot poses and bring out the diva in you.

Classic Twirling Shot

jerking is the best part about a Lehenga, especially if yours is large. A perfect portrait type image that you just cannot live without should be your twirl shot. These twirling shots are great because they perfectly capture the full power of your lehenga. If you are planning to wear a lehenga on your wedding day or any other wedding ceremony, we say you must have at least one twirl shot in your album!

sit and shine

Another type of photo that captures your dazzling outfit to perfection is one where you are sitting. The skirt of your lehenga drapes beautifully around you and showcases all its work, while you look radiant as you enjoy the ongoing ceremony. The full view of the intricately embroidered skirt is essential. After all, it is the whole masterpiece that deserves attention in the outfit. It is indeed a fun picture to click.

play with locks of hair

this is easy. You delicately grab a few strands of hair, then pull them away from your head. Trust us, once you get the hang of this pose, you’ll be seeing it absolutely everywhere. You can pull your hair down slightly away from your face. Grab a few strands up and out to show off your highlights. You can also choose some strands that you can barely see the hair but can feel when you touch your middle finger and thumb. The aim is to look completely casual and absolutely gorgeous.

Perfect Fam Jam Pose

Well, we all love candid pictures. Candid clicking with his family and friends paints a true picture of the family. These poses are naturally taken to elevate the cuteness to another level. So, if you are looking for cute candid shots for group poses with family, friends and your girl gang then this is it! It will not only highlight your bond of togetherness but also reflects the warmth and happiness. Group poses are best for a bachelorette party or a Concert,Mehndi function. Pose for a family wedding portrait.

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